Oufit of the day

Coat: H&M / Blouse: H&M / T-Shirt: Boyfriend / Legging: H&M / Shoes: H&M / Bag: H&M

See this outfit is all about H&M, Its been a long day. So much to do so little time. Today went to school we had a few tests to make and i past all of them. Its good news for me cuz this week was all about learning and making homework im kinda done with all the schoolwork but i have to. 3 months left and then im finally done with this year. I'm still sick but im feeling a bit better compared with the other days. Right now im sitting home doing my homework like everyday. One day left and then i finally can enjoy my weekend and be with the bf. I can't wait till the next vacation comes, haha i need rest. What did you do today?

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  1. Great colour you're wearing!

    xo thefashionguitar


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