Paris Day 1

 Day 1; up to Paris what started as an early morning. We left home in the early morning most of you probably were still a sleep. 6:00 we arrived at schiphol it was finally so far. We were going to Paris, the bf and i were planning this trip for like 2 years and now we finally did it. the main reason for this trip was Paris Fashion Week, cestlaxavie and i were invited for a show and we thought why shouldn't we go so we started to plan everything. Eugene McFly and i did go with the bus, it was a long trip. I can't lie about that but at the end of the day it was al worth it. When we arrived in Paris we searched our hotel, thank god that was easy to find. So we dropped our stuff and met Xavie in the hotel. We went for a walk, ate and drank some and we went back to the hotel to get ready for the Show. To be continued....  


  1. Goed bezig schat! Had geen puf voor een post. Zal vandaag de foto's sturen :)


  2. Cute hat! Ben benieuwd naar je 'to be continued' :)

    x Leila

  3. love the post and the wonderful blog!



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