Here some random photos of my vacation in Crete, I got so many photos i cant choose which to blog. But I decided to blog these pictures as my last post of Crete. I had such a wonderful and peaceful time over there, looking back on these photos makes me realize how happy I am at the moment and how i miss it over there. I've  been to such beautiful places as you see on the photos. On one of the photos you see a huge stairs, and hell yea i went to the top of it didn't knew at the moment where it would lead me to. Thinking back at it.. I'm glad i went to the top because it was a great view from there as you see on the photo as you van see in the picture below the stair. Hope you like the pictures. Feel free to leave a comment. For now its time to check out all the photos from today and watch a movie later on. Enjoy your night


  1. Zo te zien had je lekker weer! Hadden wij dat maar..
    Je hebt mooie foto's uitgekozen hoor :)

  2. Looks gorgeous! Love it! Have a great week! XO Rebecca


  3. I wish I had a trip to Crete... I need some vitamin D!

    XO Charlotte


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