Jacket: Monki / Denim Jacket: Vintage / T-shirt: Vintage / Jeans: Zipper / Shoes: ZARA / Glasses: H&M

Hii everyone, the sun is shining so its time to get ready for a great day. First i gotta get to the city a buy a present for my sis who's birthday it is today. And i might take some new outfit photos today, why not right... The sun is finally shining in Holland before you know its raining again LOL. These photo's were taking last day when i went to Schiphol with my boyfriend to get something to eat. We were both lazy and didn't wanted to cook, the best solution is to go to the Airport at relax over there. What are your plans for today? I hope you'll enjoy it all to the fullest. For now im saying bye bye its time to go.

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  1. Great photos! Enjoy ur day! XO Rebecca



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