Blouse: DIY vintage / Sweatpants: Monki / Heels: Unknown / Cross Ring: Zipper

Hii eveyone, how is your day going so far? 
I just came home from a job interview, now hoping I will be the one who get the job! I'm feeling a bit sick today
since the minute I woke up I got a really really bad headache and I don't know what to do about it anymore. So right now I'm laying in bed with some music on while writing this. I'm lucky the bf is around to take care of me. There is not much to do today except thinking about a new concept for the upcoming photo shoot the bf and I have planned with a great model. It's about time to get everything started and I'm really looking forward to it. I think this is it for today. Wish you all the best , withlove Zafiera

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  1. Love this style! Even when I visited and left the blog earlier I remembered you, your look is so special and unique:D. Thanks so much for following me!

    xoxo Despite color


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