Blazer: Zara / Shirt: H&M / Jeans: H&M / Boots: H&M / Glasses: Vintage

Hii everyone, are you enjoying your weekend as i do? I'm back home in Almere spending the last free weekend together with the bf before he goes back to school. Lucky me I still have 2.5 free from school and then my final year finally starts. I'm really looking forward to it! Just had some late night dinner and right now I'm in my room to watch the new episode of Jersey Shore, Italy. I have no further plans for today just relaxing. Tomorrow I hope to make some new outfit pictures and maybe hang out with my friends that i haven't seen for such a long time. Everybody is way to busy and every time one of us is free the other have to work, that kinda sucks. I started with a new job last week and i gotta say i love it. I'm working with such nice people can't wish for anything better. What are your further plans for the weekend and what have you already done? I would love to hear your story 2! Byee Byee sweet followers & readers withlove, zafieraa

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  1. Ooh that sounds nice! Your outfit is stunning, I love your blazer! Your blog is so great btw, I really like it! :-)



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