Blouse: Primark / Trousers: H&M / Boots: Dr. Martens / Watch: Casio

Outfit photo's from a few days ago. I've been way to busy lately to blog so I'm sorry for that. Yesterday we went with the family to Duinrell. 
I had so much fun with everyone, need to do that more often. The vacation is almost over. Tomorrow school starts again and I'm not looking forward
to it lol. So the bf and I decided to enjoy our last free day to the fullest. We had a little trip to the city and shopped. I finally bought the heels from
monki I've been craving for like 2 months. 2 months ago I saw the heels for the first time and i said No for buying them because i buy to much. But the 
thing i also said was: If its ment to be the shoe will be still there over 2 months, and today i went back and they still had them. Lucky me right...   


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