Jacket: V&D / T-shirt: DIY / Legging: H&M / Boots: H&M 

I love these boots, about to customize them asap. About what i did today... After a whole night of studying i went to school with a great feeling about 
how im going to make my 2 tests. And luckily i found out i passed them both. It's a great feeling knowing that all the hard work a the no social 
life paid off. Because I passed my tests im free till next week from school. End good All good right. I just came home and right now im relaxing with the bf. 
It always feels great to be around him. While working on this post, I'm already thinking about posting a second one later on this day so keep on checking out.  

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  1. Love this outfit, and those boots are awesome!
    Thanks for the help, I'll be on the look out for lather skirts in second hand stores




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