Army Jacket: Vintage / Leather Jacket: V&D / T-Shirt: H&M / Jeans: H&M / Shoes: Clarks

It is a long time ago since i posted an outfit. But here there is finally a new one, I had some time today to take these photos. It really sucks 
that is getting dark early, but theres nothing to do about it. For the most of you for those who going to school :P the vacation is over. That means 
school time again, and yes the same goes for me. I'm preparing myself for my internship that start the end of this month. What means no more 
free time and 6 long months. But the good thing about it is that i'm finally graduated by then. I only have to go to school for 2 more days 
till my internship so at the moment i have nothing to complain about. Right now i think im about to watch a movie or some and 
enjoy the rest of this day from whats left of it xoxo


  1. omg ik zit net je blog te bekijken en schaam me diep dat ik je nog niet volg .. bij deze .. you got a new follower !!

    Mooie outfit post. zeker de eerste foto is fierce met dat licht zo op de achtergrond .. goed gedaan !! Zie je snel xx



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